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A day in ancient Rome online experience

Live the day of a citizen of ancient Rome at the time of Gladiator

Private online experience every day

Tour highlights

  • Wake up early
  • Morning routine
  • Take care of business
  • Visit a temple
  • Go to the Forum
  • At the Senate
  • Quick lunch
  • The Colosseum
  • The baths

A day in ancient Rome online experience

1.30h | 7

Tour details

Live a day in ancient Rome on this online experience. Sit comfortably at your computer, while your guide leads you on Zoom or Skype through the everyday life of a Roman citizen in II Century A.D, the same time where the movie “Gladiator” was set in.

If you’ve ever wonder what would it be like living in ancient Rome, this online experience will answer your question. In II Century A.D., under the reign of Marcus Aurelius, Rome is the capital of the greatest empire of the world. You will follow the citizen Marcus, a businessman who lives not far from the very centre, in his daily activities: from the morning to the evening.

On this interactive private activity, you will learn in what kind of houses the Romans lived, what they had for breakfast and lunch. You will also meet powerful senators, hear about the troubles of the Empire and go to the Colosseum to enjoy gladiatorial games…. Moreover, you’ll have the chance to make decisions and influence the course of Marcus’ day!

All the activity will be supported with virtual reconstructions and photo of nowadays Rome, to let you see some famous sites while you’ll be safely sitting home, watching your screen.

What’s Included
w-leader Private online guide
w-fun Fun and interactive online activity


When making the booking, please consider that the starting time is set  on CEST (Rome time zone, GMT+2). Link for the Zoom meeting will be provided. A stable internet connection is required. 


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