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Appian Way Ebike Tour

Private tour

The first highway of the history
Departures at 10:30


This private Appian Way Ebike Tour makes you discover the charm and beauty of the most ancient and important of Roman roads. Built over 2300 years ago and extremely well preserved, the Appia Antica, Regina Viarum (the queen of the roads), was a key connection between Rome and southern Italy, where the commercial routes to Greece and Middle East began. This private Ebike tour of the Appian Way starts at our office, located on Piazza Mattei. Before getting to the Appian Way, you have the chance to stop at the Circus Maximus, the biggest stadium of all time, and enjoy a view of the Palatine Hill.

The tour proceed to the Baths of Caracalla, the second largest thermal complex of ancient Rome, and by far the best preserved. From there you head south riding past the Roman Tombs of Scipio and passing the Aurelian Walls through the Porta San Sebastiano, the impressive, largest and best preserved of all Roman gates. From here starts the Appian Way. We continue alongside the road, stopping at the Church of Domine Quo Vadis and at the Catacombs of Saint Callixtus and San Sebastian, to learn about the life of the early Christian communities. You can also visit the catacombs (ticket not included, around 45 minutes), while your tour guide will be waiting outside. From here onwards, the Appian Way bears many leftovers from the time of ancient Rome, when it was location for villas and mausoleums.

Here stand the ruins of the Complex of Massenxius, featuring the ruins of the Villa, the Mausoleum and the Circus. Next stop is the magnificent Tomb of Cecilia Metella, a monumental grave very well preserved, despite having been fortified durind the Middle Ages. Alongside the road, stand many tombs and ruins, up to the remains of the Villa of the Quintili, an ancient Roman villa. This is the farthest point hit on our Appian Way Ebike tour, afterwards we head towards the office, yet taking a different way back: we pass the Aurelian Walls at Porta Latina, and after the Baths of Caracalla we ride alongside the Palatine Hill to get to Colosseum, for a last glance at the splendor of the imperial age of Rome.


ico-clock4h     ico-loc 25km     ico-price 70€


What’s Included

w-leader Experienced tour leader

w-training Short training

w-helmet Helmet

w-rain Rain poncho

w-sun Sun cream

w-coffe Coffee and bottled water

w-fun Fun


What’s Not Included

Entrance fees. Food & beverage. Anything not specified above.

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