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Enjoy traditional food, make an online experience of ancient Rome, discover the city in unique ways


3:15h | 12km | 105

Golfcart private tour Mon-Sat at 9:00

Leave the beaten tracks and discover the true flavours of Rome, enjoy traditional specialties while sightseeing the Eternal City in total comfort on our Golf Cart

Traditional breakfast Colosseum City view from the Aventine Hill Testaccio Food market Typical Roman panino Suppli Gelato

1.30h | 7

Private online experience every day

Relive the day of a citizen of ancient Rome. Led by your guide online, discover what everyday life was like in II Century A.D Rome. Visit the Forum, meet senators, go to the Colosseum and relax at the bath house

Wake up early Morning routine Take care of business Visit a temple Go to the Forum At the Senate Quick lunch The Colosseum The baths

1:15h | 4km | 35

Departures at 10:30, 12:00 and 14:00

Get to see the top sites of ancient Rome on this short tour by Segway. Colosseum, Roman Forum, Imperial Forums, and Capitoline Hill in just over one hour, with loads of fun

Turtle Fountain Jewish Quarter Marcellus Theatre Capitoline Hill Colosseum Roman Forum Piazza Venezia Largo Argentina Turtle Fountain

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