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Reasons to travel to Rome: History

When it comes to tourism, Italy, lets say, has it all: history, culture, cuisine, fashion, art, wild nature and beaches. So, what is your reason for traveling to Rome?
In these series of Turtle Tour Blog articles, you will find out our picks of each one of them in the city of Rome!

Let’s start with History.
Italy is house to more World Heritage Sites than any other country in the world. And Rome is the city with the most monuments in the world.
Turtle Tour offers to enjoy historical center of Rome by Segway, which includes a fun ride, great places to visit and interesting stories on the way. Our knowledgable staff will also suggest more places to go and restaurants to eat, according to your wishes. 🙂
Once the historical center is discovered and you are introduced to big bits of Roman history, you might found out a history enthusiast inside you. So if that happens and you want to discover things more deeper – search for Underground Rome (Sotterranei di Roma)! It is an organization of archeologists who’s main objective is to promote the knowledge of the archaeological and environmental heritage of the subsoil particularly in the city of Rome. They do it mainly through the organization of events such as guided tours and themed events. They offer guided tours in english, to such a places as: Ancient Ostia, Tiber river and its underground, as well as less known catacombs of Rome and very detailed tour trough Vatican treasures.

If your reasons to come to Rome includes history, then book now your Segway tour in Rome on our webpage or contact us by phone or WhatsApp: +39 339 3806299

To see upcoming tours, dates and prices for Underground Rome, check Tours in English on their site.

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