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Rome food tour

This Rome food tour will let you enjoy delicious specialties as you discover emblematic landmarks of the Eternal City. Imagine a feast of flavours as you walk through the city cent, an itinerant lunch or dinner while exploring the most fascinating Roman districts.

Hand in hand with a local expert, this Rome food tour stops at several places awarded by the most prestigious international gastronomic critiques and shops that are part of the history of the city. Just like generations of Romans, you will enjoy the taste of their specialties and toast with delicious Italian wine.

Our gastronomic tour of Rome starts with a tasting in an authentic “cheese boutique” to appreciate the differences between cow, goat and sheep cheese. But if your strong suit is cold cuts, get ready! We will visit a shop that has become a legend: a family-owned place that hand makes all their products.

Pizza? Yes, of course, Roman style. You will get to know why it is different from the Neapolitan pizza. Pasta? Yes, the most typical one, comfortably sitting and with a good glass of wine overlooking a famous piazza. During the food tour of Rome, you will also learn about typical recipes, and the difference between trattoria, osteria, and ristorante.

Join us and learn all about the typical dishes of the city, eat like a real Roman, and take home all the tips about where and what to eat in Rome.

Meeting point: in front of the Marcellus Theatre at 17.30

Small group of 8 max participants.

Street food experience

Enjoy a Rome street food experience on this private tour by Golf Cart. Discover the true flavour of Roman cuisine, get to know the secret of the traditional dishes, led by your expert guide, while tasting the most famous specialties the city has to offer.

Begin from your hotel, where our guide will meet at 9am, and start off the day with a typical Roman breakfast: cappuccino (or espresso) and pastry, taken at a historical coffee shop. Learn the difference between the numerous kinds of “cornetto” and enjoy a true Italian espresso.

After breakfast, take time to sightsee some famous landmarks (it will depend on what you want to see), afterwards this Rome street food experience reaches the next stop: Testaccio. This foodie neighbourhood is located off the beaten paths, and its fascinating story goes back to Roman time.

Here you will visit the food market, where you can taste delicious, traditional dishes and discover their origins. This Roman street food experience will take you next to Trastevere, the most lively area of the centre, unexpectedly quiet in the morning, where you will try the famous Suppli.

However, if you booked the 3 tasting tour, then you’ll skip the Suppli and finish off with a delicious gelato. With 4 tastings, instead, you will have both the Suppli and the Gelato.

Please note: itinerary, locations and total length of the tour may vary depending on meeting point and tour’s schedule.

Heart of Rome Segway tour

See the best highlights of ancient Rome on this short 1 hour guided Segway tour. The heart of the “Eternal City” opens up for you as you glide past the Colosseum, Forum, and Capitoline Hill. This Segway tour of Ancient Rome starts at our office on Piazza Mattei, where you will learn the basics of Segway. Once everyone feels ready, we set off to Jewish Quarter, home to the oldest Jewish community outside Israel, that came to Rome before the destruction of the Temple. From there we move to the Marcellus Theatre, a “mini Colosseum” erected by Augustus in 17 B.C.

From there, we move to the Capitoline Hill, to enjoy a magnificent view of the Roman Forum, thereafter we briefly stop on the Capitol Square designed by Michelangelo in the Renaissance, before going towards the Colosseum, riding alongside the Imperial and the Roman Forums. We stop at the Colosseum for a few minutes, to learn the fascinating history of the most iconic building of Rome, and also have a look at the Arch of Constantine. Then our tour continues on with stops at Piazza Venezia and and Largo Argentina, house to 4 temple of 3 Century B.C. and location of one of the most important events of the ancient history…

A day in ancient Rome online experience

Live a day in ancient Rome on this online experience. Sit comfortably at your computer, while your guide leads you on Zoom or Skype through the everyday life of a Roman citizen in II Century A.D, the same time where the movie “Gladiator” was set in.

If you’ve ever wonder what would it be like living in ancient Rome, this online experience will answer your question. In II Century A.D., under the reign of Marcus Aurelius, Rome is the capital of the greatest empire of the world. You will follow the citizen Marcus, a businessman who lives not far from the very centre, in his daily activities: from the morning to the evening.

On this interactive private activity, you will learn in what kind of houses the Romans lived, what they had for breakfast and lunch. You will also meet powerful senators, hear about the troubles of the Empire and go to the Colosseum to enjoy gladiatorial games…. Moreover, you’ll have the chance to make decisions and influence the course of Marcus’ day!

All the activity will be supported with virtual reconstructions and photo of nowadays Rome, to let you see some famous sites while you’ll be safely sitting home, watching your screen.