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Heart of Rome Segway tour

See the best highlights of ancient Rome on this short 1 hour guided Segway tour. The heart of the “Eternal City” opens up for you as you glide past the Colosseum, Forum, and Capitoline Hill. This Segway tour of Ancient Rome starts at our office on Piazza Mattei, where you will learn the basics of Segway. Once everyone feels ready, we set off to Jewish Quarter, home to the oldest Jewish community outside Israel, that came to Rome before the destruction of the Temple. From there we move to the Marcellus Theatre, a “mini Colosseum” erected by Augustus in 17 B.C.

From there, we move to the Capitoline Hill, to enjoy a magnificent view of the Roman Forum, thereafter we briefly stop on the Capitol Square designed by Michelangelo in the Renaissance, before going towards the Colosseum, riding alongside the Imperial and the Roman Forums. We stop at the Colosseum for a few minutes, to learn the fascinating history of the most iconic building of Rome, and also have a look at the Arch of Constantine. Then our tour continues on with stops at Piazza Venezia and and Largo Argentina, house to 4 temple of 3 Century B.C. and location of one of the most important events of the ancient history…

Glory of Rome Segway tour

Take this half a day Segway tour of Rome to visit the entire centre of the Eterna City. After a short training session at our office on Piazza Mattei, we glide over to the archaeological area of Largo Argentina, where you will see the remains of four temple of ancient Rome.

Then we head for Rome’s best preserved monument, the temple devoted to all the gods – the Pantheon. After a stop at the beautiful baroque square of Piazza Navona, this half a day Segway tour of Rome takes you to the Castel Sant’Angelo. We cross the river and get to the Vatican City and the St. Peter’s Basilica.

We the proceed towards Augustus’ Altar of peace, the Ara Pacis, and arrive to Piazza del Popolo, the main gate of ancient Rome. We reach the Spanish Steps alongside some picturesque alleys, then our half a day Segway tour goes to the famous Trevi Fountain.

Afterwards we reach the monumental Piazza Venezia and start our discover of ancient Rome, with the Roman Forum, the Colosseum, the Circus Maximus and the Palatine Hill. After a stop at the “Mouth of Truth”, we finally  glide through the Jewish Quarter n to the office.

Evening special by Segway

Our evening Segway tour of Rome is a unique experience of the city. You can take a break from the daytime chaos and discover the romantic character of Rome by night on a Segway.

This Rome evening Segway tour starts in the heart of the Jewish Quarter, at Piazza Mattei, facing the lovely Turtle Fountain. First comes the most lively squares of the city center: Campo de’ Fiori, with a vibrant ambience and several bars and restaurants. Then we head for the river to arrive at Castel Sant’Angelo, the former Mausoleum of Hadrian.

From the Angels’ bridge you’ll take an amazing night view of St. Peter’s Basilica (The Vatican), beautifully lit up. The next stop of this night Segway tour of Rome, is the Piazza Navona with the stunning Bernini’s Fountain of the Four Rivers. From there we glide over to the Pantheon – the majestic ancient temple devoted to all the gods, passing by the Temple of Hadrian and we finally reach the Trevi Fountain.

Next, our Rome evening Segway tour takes you to Piazza Venezia, where you will see the imposing Vittoriano in its greatness. Thereafter we zip through the ancient Capitoline Hill, to enjoy our grand finale: a fantastic view of the ancient city and the Roman Forum from above.

Panoramic Segway tour

This Panoramic Segway tour of Rome allows you to enjoy the best views of the Eternal City. The tour starts at our office, facing the lovely Turtle Fountain on Piazza Mattei. After a short training session, we set off exploring the Jewish Quarter, soaking in its peculiar atmosphere and learning some interesting stories about the Jewish community of Rome. 

The Panoramic Segway tour of Rome then proceeds to the Temple of Hercules at the Forum Boarium and further to the “Mouth of Truth”. We reach Aventine Hill and enjoy an amazing panorama of the whole city from the beautiful “Garden of Oranges”.

After that, this Rome panoramic Segway tour stops at Circus Maximus, the big stadium for the horse races of ancient Rome. We continue then alongside the Palatine Hill towards the Colosseum, the most iconic building of Ancient Rome.

From there we glide past the Imperial Forums and ride up to the Capitoline Hill, where you will enjoy the great view of the Roman Forum, the very heart of Rome at the time of the Roman Republic (VI-I Centuries BC). Finally, the panoramic Segway tour of Rome goes past the Marcellus Theater, on the way back to the office on Piazza Mattei.

Classic Rome Segway tour

This Classic Rome Segway Tour makes you visit the best highlights of Rome. The tour begins at our office on Piazza Mattei, facing the beautiful Turtle Fountain, where we carry out some basic training.

First of all, we head for Campo de’ Fiori and its street market, one of the most lively location of the city center. The next stop of this Classic Rome Segway tour is the stunning Fountain of the Four Rivers located in Piazza Navona, the old Domitian stadium.

From there we glide to the Pantheon, Rome’s majestic ancient temple devoted to all the gods, that you can enter for a quick visit. The Classic Segway tour then continues through to the Spanish Steps with stops at the awesome Trevi Fountain, the impressive Piazza Venezia, and the Roman Forum, the beating heart of ancient Rome. 

Finally, the last highlights of this Segway tour is one of the most famous and visited sites in the world – the magnificent Colosseum. On our way back, we also stop on top of the Capitoline Hill, to discover Michelangelo’s beautiful square and enjoy an amazing view of ancient Rome by Segway.