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Ancient Rome private walking tour

See the best highlights of the city on this ancient Rome private walking tour. The old heart of the “Eternal City” opens up for you as you walk around, led by your expert guide, and admire Colosseum, Forum, and Capitoline Hill. The private walking tour of ancient Rome starts on Largo di Torre Argentina, where your guide will meet you and show you right away the remains of four temples of III Century B.C. located on the square, which were witnesses of one of the most important events of the ancient history…

From there, you’ll walk to the Marcellus Theatre, also known as the “mini Colosseum” for it looks very much like the more famous big amphitheatre. Then it’s time to walk up the Capitoline Hill, where we’ll stop to enjoy a magnificent view of the Roman Forum, the very heart of life during the ancient time. Thereafter we briefly stop on the Capitol Square designed by Michelangelo in the Renaissance, before going the way down and have a closer look at the Trajan’s Forum, where the Trajan’s Column stands.

You’ll walk past the Imperial Forums to the Colosseum, where you’ll have a longer stop, while your guide will tell you the fascinating history of the most iconic building of Rome. Right next, stands the Arch of Constantine, where our tour ends.

The tour is offered in English and Italian. Other languages such as German, Russian, French, Spanish are available on request.

Rome food tour

This Rome food tour will let you enjoy delicious specialties as you discover emblematic landmarks of the Eternal City. Imagine a feast of flavours as you walk through the city cent, an itinerant lunch or dinner while exploring the most fascinating Roman districts.

Hand in hand with a local expert, this Rome food tour stops at several places awarded by the most prestigious international gastronomic critiques and shops that are part of the history of the city. Just like generations of Romans, you will enjoy the taste of their specialties and toast with delicious Italian wine.

Our gastronomic tour of Rome starts with a tasting in an authentic “cheese boutique” to appreciate the differences between cow, goat and sheep cheese. But if your strong suit is cold cuts, get ready! We will visit a shop that has become a legend: a family-owned place that hand makes all their products.

Pizza? Yes, of course, Roman style. You will get to know why it is different from the Neapolitan pizza. Pasta? Yes, the most typical one, comfortably sitting and with a good glass of wine overlooking a famous piazza. During the food tour of Rome, you will also learn about typical recipes, and the difference between trattoria, osteria, and ristorante.

Join us and learn all about the typical dishes of the city, eat like a real Roman, and take home all the tips about where and what to eat in Rome.

Meeting point: in front of the Marcellus Theatre at 17.30.

Squares and fountains private walking tour

Visit the most famous squares and fountains of Rome on this private walking tour. Start the tour at Piazza Farnese, a Renaissance masterpiece where the Michelangelo designed Palazzo Farnese is located, and go to the lively Campo de’ Fiori, where the street market takes place every morning. The square is heart of Roman nightlife, and perfect location for the typical “aperitivo” after 18.00

Afterwards, the tour stops at the stunning Fountain of the Four Rivers on Piazza Navona, the old Domitian stadium. From there we reach the Pantheon, Rome’s majestic ancient temple devoted to all the gods, that you can enter for a quick visit. This private walking tour of squares and fountains of Rome continues on to the Piazza Colonna, where the Column of Marcus Aurelius stands right in front of the house of government.

The next stop is the awesome Trevi Fountain, where you’ll be able to toss a coin in the water for good luck, and form there we walk just a little longer to get to the Spanish Steps, heart of the fashion district and house to one of the most peculiar Roman fountains: the Barcaccia. The private walking tour of Rome’s squares and fountains gets you then to Piazza del Popolo, our last stop.

The tour is offered in English and Italian. Other languages such as German, Russian, French, Spanish are be available on request.

Jewish Ghetto and Trastevere private walking tour

This private walking tour of Rome’s Jewish Ghetto and Trastevere will let you discover the unique charme of two lovely and ancient district of Rome’s: the old Jewish Quarter and the vibrant neighborhood called Trastevere. The tour starts on Piazza Mattei, where your guide will meet you at the lovely Turtle Fountain, which is the very first highlight you’ll see on the tour. Thereafter, you’ll start off exploring the Jewish Quarter, soaking in its peculiar atmosphere and learning some interesting stories about the Jewish community of Rome. 

The private walking tour of the Jewish Ghetto and Trastevere then stops at the Great Synagogue of Rome and at the Porticus of Octavia with its impressive remains. We then proceed to the Temple of Hercules at the Forum Boarium and further to the “Mouth of Truth”. We reach Aventine Hill and enjoy an amazing panorama of the whole city from the beautiful “Garden of Oranges”.

After that, you’ll walk downstairs to the river Tiber and cross is to eventually reach Trastevere, which also houses traces of the story of the Jewish community in Rome. Nowadays Trastevere, though, is a diverse and vibrant district that offers some of the most unique glimpses of the Eternal City. You will visit the Basilica Santa Cecilia, then wander around the cute, pictoresque alleyways to get to Santa Maria in Trastevere, the main square and very heart of the neighborhood.

The tour is offered in English and Italian. Other languages such as German, Russian, French, Spanish are be available on request.