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Squares and fountains private walking tour

Visit the most famous squares and fountains of Rome on this private walking tour. Start the tour at Piazza Farnese, a Renaissance masterpiece where the Michelangelo designed Palazzo Farnese is located, and go to the lively Campo de’ Fiori, where the street market takes place every morning. The square is heart of Roman nightlife, and perfect location for the typical “aperitivo” after 18.00

Afterwards, the tour stops at the stunning Fountain of the Four Rivers on Piazza Navona, the old Domitian stadium. From there we reach the Pantheon, Rome’s majestic ancient temple devoted to all the gods, that you can enter for a quick visit. This private walking tour of squares and fountains of Rome continues on to the Piazza Colonna, where the Column of Marcus Aurelius stands right in front of the house of government.

The next stop is the awesome Trevi Fountain, where you’ll be able to toss a coin in the water for good luck, and form there we walk just a little longer to get to the Spanish Steps, heart of the fashion district and house to one of the most peculiar Roman fountains: the Barcaccia. The private walking tour of Rome’s squares and fountains gets you then to Piazza del Popolo, our last stop.

The tour is offered in English and Italian. Other languages such as German, Russian, French, Spanish are be available on request.

Best of Rome by Ebike

This Rome Ebike private tour will take you to some of the best highlights of the Eternal City as well as to amazing panoramic points. You won’t get tired of cycling thanks to the comfort and the help of our Ebikes, and since the tour is private you can change the itinerary as per your wishes.

This private tour of Rome by Ebike starts either in the morning or in the afternoon at one our shops: Largo Argentina (the very center) or Trastevere. From there, we ride through the old Jewish Quarter to listen to some interesting stories about the oldest Jewish community of the western world. Then we head for the Forum Boarium and ride up to the Aventine Hill to visit the Orange Garden, which offers an amazing lookout over the city.

Afterwards, the Rome Ebike private tour we stop at the Circus Maximus, the huge stadium for the chariot races, also to look at the remains of the imperial palaces on the Palatine Hill. We reach the Colosseum, and after riding along the Roman Forum we admire Piazza Venezia, where the national monument of Italy is located. Our next stops are the Trevi Fountain then the Spanish Steps, centre of the shopping district.

We proceed further to Piazza Navona, the Pantheon and reach the Vatican City after crossing the river and looking at the Castel of Saint’Angelo, before getting back to the office.

Reduced price for groups of three or more participants.

Rome by night in Golf Cart

This Rome by Night private tour in Golf Cart will let you discover the amazing highlights of the Eternal City beautifully lit up at night. Our Golf Carts fit up to 3 people plus the guide, who will be happy to adapt the route to your wishes. For parties with more than 3 people, we’ll provide 2 golf carts.

After the tour guide has picked you up at your hotel or anywhere else in the city centre, this Rome by Night private tour begins. We will hit Rome’s top night attractions, starting with the Vatican City, where you can walk around the square in the quiet of the night. After that, we see the Castel Sant’Angelo amazingly floodlit after sunset and get to Piazza Navona, an amazing baroque square with the famous Fountain of the four Rivers by Bernini.

The Golf Cart private tour of Rome by night goes past the Pantheon, the ancient temple to all the gods of Roma religion, stops at the Spanish Steps and goes further to the Trevi Fountain, one of the top night attractions of the Eternal City, where you’ll be able to toss a coin into the water.

The next stop of this private night tour of Rome by Golf Cart is Piazza Venezia, with the huge Vittoriano, the Trajan’s Column, part of the larger Trajan’s Forum and Roman Forum. After learning interesting facts about the Colosseum, this Rome night tour by Golf Cart takes you to the Circus Maximus and the Palatine Hill.

Pick-up and drop-off service available only in the city centre.

Reduced price for groups of three or more participants. With 4 to 6 people, the tour runs on two golf carts. With 7 to 9 people, the tour runs on three golf carts.

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