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Buddy Italian Restaurant

Buddy è il ristorante situato nel cuore di Roma a due passi da Piazza Navona e Campo dei Fiori. Un luogo moderno ma accogliente dov’è possibile fare colazione, mangiare un pranzo leggero e veloce, prendere un aperitivo o cenare.

Per me Giulio Terrinoni

Per Me” is the summary of professional and personal experiences by the Chef Giulio Terrinoni, dedicated to a new concept entirely created for the guest. In the heart of Rome, between Via Giulia and Via dei Banchi Vecchi, comes to life a cuisine that reflect the philosophy of Chef Terrinoni: focused on finding a great raw materials, on the enchancement of catch of a daily and expressed culinary attitude. A new format, “material” from the location, studied and designed to look sober but elegant, without lost the home comfort. “Per Me” giving a dynamic offer as a great European Capital: Fish and Meat dishes, at Lunch and for Dinner. A full of energy Restaurant, aimed to the guest tastes, preserving informal but clear professionality. “Per Me” is the cuisine of Giulio Terrinoni modulated only “Per Voi”

Bike tours in Ljubljana

Ljubljana might not be huge, but it has so much to offer! With the best rated Bike Tour Ljubljana you won’t only get to see the highlights of Ljubljana center, but also the secluded parts of the city, romantic riverbanks, hidden backstreets, peaceful parks and much more. City has more than 230 kilometres of designated cycling paths and they are being extended every year. The city is predominantly flat and just the right size for going about on a bike. You can use a bicycle throughout the pedestrian zone in the city centre, but you have to mind your speed and give right of way to pedestrians. Just a short distance from the city centre you can even go to a Ljubljana Mountain Biking tour or Ljubljana’s Marshes Cycling tour. This rich bike tour offer is suitable for all generations and all levels of physical skill.

Hotel Carmel Rome

Welcome to the Hotel Carmel situated in Rome’s charming Trastevere area. Look no further for superb value budget accommodation in a great location in Rome. A small and welcoming hotel in the medieval allure of Trastevere on the west side of the River Tiber, Hotel Carmel offers top quality service at affordable rates. With a variety of cheap Rooms available, we can cater for most types of guest, from travellers to couples or small families enjoying a break in Rome. All rooms are tastefully decorated and are fitted with modern amenities. Hotel Carmel Rome can also take care of all your Shabbat needs. We offer kosher assistance and upon request we can provide our guests with a full Halavi kitchen including a Plata and hot water.

Travel Itineraries in Italy

Create you own travel itineraries in Italy, and set off to discover the “Belpaese”, choosing among selected locations, hotels and activities.

Travel-Edition Travel Blog

Ein Blog über die Schönheit des Reisens, außergewöhnliche Reiseerfahrungen, traumhafte und herausragende Unterkünfte, besondere Gaumenfreuden, aber auch über das, was das Reisen mit den Menschen macht.