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Plan for a perfect day in Rome!

Since Rome is one of the most tourist visited city in the world, it is easy for a tourist to get lost between all the offers.
We suggest to have a perfect day for you and your travel companions!
For us, a perfect day in Rome includes:
1) FUN

Your morning in Rome should start with a typical Roman breakfast – hop into one of many Italian bars and ask: “cornetto e cappuccino per favore!” In this case you will get a delicious croissant and amazing milky Italian coffee.
After, head for Piazza Mattei 11 to Turtle Tour office to take a Rome morning Segway Tour. Why morning? Because it is the best time of the day to enjoy the Eternal City – pleasant weather and still empty streets, which helps to enjoy center of Rome more properly. Learn more about history of the city! Tour includes: fun; history; sightseeing; breath-taking views; stop for nice cold gelato, if necessary! 🙂
After the tour, we will suggest you the best places for lunch, based on your wishes. Also, some suggestions what to do and see for your further stay in Rome.
During the Roman summer, weather after lunchtime might become very hot, so make your road to some place with air-conditioner!
Before our next plan point you might also head back to your hotel or apartments, to get ready for a stunning evening. We are speaking about dressing-up your favorite and most beautiful summer outfit and go to breathtaking event: Opera on open-air stage in Caracalla (not to forget the Italian aperitivo before the show).
The Bath of Caracalla (Terme di Caracalla in Italian), is still the most famous of all ancient Roman thermae. Also, it is one of the most impressive remains of ancient Rome, still visible today.
For 13 years (built between 211 and 224 A.D.) 13 000 prisoners of war from the Scottish campaign of Roman emperor Septimius Severus had to be used to level the building site. More than that, about six thousand tradesmen were engaged in the actual construction. Back in the days, thermae covered approximately 25 hectares (62 acres).
They were more than just a series of baths. We can easily say they looked more like a leisure centre. Besides being used for bathing, the complex also offered facilities for taking walks, exercise, body care, reading and studying.
Nowadays this large imperial bath complex welcomes visitors as open-air historical site.
Started as an experiment in 1937, with few interruptions during the history, today it becomes opera’s open-air stage every summer. It attracts people not only from Rome, but from all over the world. On this absolutely unique theatrical stage beneath the stars, you can see a season of classics, as well as some reworked plays with a contemporary touch.

This is the overview of shows and dates .

So our plan for your perfect day in Rome sounds like this. Make it real! 🙂
To book a Segway Tour or ask your questions about it, call or WhatsApp us:: +39 339 3806299 or book now.

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